CV Blunders – that I see a lot!

Over the past 10 years I have had a lot of fashion CVs come my way. I often hear people say they never get a response when sending their CVs out to companies – and then I’ve taken a look and it becomes obvious why…

Your CV is the first thing someone gets to know about you – and so it has to be perfect. It might sound like an obvious thing to say – but with some of the things I’ve seen – I feel like this was a much needed list to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

BE FORMAL AND RESPECTFUL. NEVER address your CV or Cover letter or email informally. I’ve had countless emails that start off with, “Hi babe,” “Hiya,” Hi darling,” – and the list goes on. I believe in being professional and call me old school, I would never speak to someone that I work for like that – so I don’t expect to be addressed like that by a stranger (even if you’ve been passed on my details by a friend) – and it’s definitely NOT how to get ahead in your career.

DON’T LIE. Whilst from the outside, the fashion industry may look like a big world, it’s actually a very small community. So don’t lie on your CV. I’ve had people write that they’ve styled Lady Gaga. Firstly – I’ve know all her stylists. And secondly, if you’re styling Lady Gaga, I’m not sure why you’d be emailing to ask for experience. Lies stand out obviously on the page and they’re not often forgotten.

PROOFREAD. The amount of CVs I’ve read with spelling mistakes is shocking. Come on guys! Your computer has a spellcheck. If you struggle with wording and grammar – find someone you can ask for help. And always, always get someone to proofread your CV before you send it.

DON’T COPY & PASTE. There’s nothing worse when I realise someone has sat and emailed me – and about 100 other people. Make amendments to your CV to fit each application. No brand or person is the same so make sure you’re talking to them about them…

KNOW WHO YOU’RE EMAILING… The days of Dear Sir / Madame are gone. If you’re emailing a PR – use their name. Social media and Google make this easy to find out without coming across like a stalker. Be personal and respectful. Make sure you know who you’re emailing. It’s so important as it shows you’ve done your research.

AND WITH THAT. GET THEIR NAME RIGHT. If I get an email for Sabrina – then I’m probably not going to read much further. How you approach me, is how I assume you’ll also represent me – so it’s the easiest way to put someone off.

Keep tuned in to Off the Rail where I’ll be bringing you advice and tips on how to get ahead in your fashion career.

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