When we think about fashion, we think about style, self expression – a way to tell a story. Fashion encompasses so much. Perhaps it’s an item of clothing that we cherish, that transports us back to a moment in time. A happy occasion, a big celebration, a gift – or a proud purchase that becomes a piece to hand down to the next generation. There are of course some faux pas – no fashion tale ever came without one.

Fashion means something so very different to each of us, but if you’re reading this, it’s most likely what connects us.

Since we first launched – over 10 years ago in September 2010 – the industry and what we know of it has changed so much. We no longer look to just one item for just one moment. We want to know the story. Where it came from, where it was made and who are the hands that created it? From the pattern cutters to the embroiderers and the artisans. To the designers, buyers, stylists and photographers who work across the campaigns and how an item gets to us.

When we launched – we were given unprecedented “access to fashion”. As the years passed, and social media grew, it became hard to keep up whilst staying true to our message. And so we paused – and took a step back. In that very moment so too did the rest of the world.

It gave us time to reflect and grow. And so we’ve gone back to our roots – focusing on quality instead of ‘keeping up’. We are so proud to be bringing you content that we’ve worked hard to create and that we believe in. Supporting brands that we love and showcasing talent alongside thought leaders who inspire us.

We’re also taking what we’ve learnt over the past 10 years and giving back – through fashion education and sharing our industry expertise in ‘Off the Rail with Sabina‘.

And our soon to be launched ‘Beyond Fashion’ will focus on giving a voice to charities and organisations whom we know we can help with our own. And also aligned to our Founder Sabina’s work with organisations such as The Mental Health Foundation, Royal Foundation, Prince’s Trust and NHS Organ Donation.

As our online usage and social interactions surge – our mental health and wellbeing is also more important than ever before. And in a world that has changed in ways we could never have imagined, with a fashion industry that was forced to slow down – we hope our content reflects that. We’ve always talked about sustainable fashion – and now it’s time to give you sustainable content, with features we hope will be as engaging and as relevant to you today as they will in the next 10 years.

Welcome back to accessFASHION.