Loewe’s raffia basket tote has become one of the biggest bag hits in a while. It’s sold out countless times since its launch last year and is still going strong with a multitude of different designs. I love a basket bag and have had many over the years (mainly from Marrakesh). I had been tempted to go for Loewe’s classic tan option (if you order online it comes in the most beautiful box) – but was also a little put off by the amount of times I had seen it on my Instagram feed. With all of the lockdown picnics – it was everywhere.

So you can be sure that my heart skipped a little beat when I stumbled across the limited edition multicolour tote with a black leather logo patch.

I had only ever seen the black patch option on a plain tote – and had never been able to find it available to purchase. However, when I came across this version I was smitten. The black is so bold and the pastel blues and pinks with hints of yellow and pistachio green gave me total Alice in Wonderland vibes. (If you know, you know).

Loewe have always been known as expert creators of leather goods. The roots of the company began with a Spanish leather making collective who joined forces with German leather maker Enrique Loewe Roessberg who eventually brought the brand to life in Madrid, Spain where everything is still made.

It reminds me of wandering around the Spanish markets as a child watching the artisans create pieces under the sweltering sun. (I spent almost all of my summers in Spain for about 10 years). And it’s the contrast of the black against the weaving of pastel strands that say, this is Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe – and I think it’s exactly why I love it so much.

Sustainability and Craftsmanship: What I love most is that each bag is handmade – making every one unique and slightly variant in its shape and size. The bag is woven from fallen palm leaves which are both sustainable and eco-friendly, meaning that absolutely no trees are harmed for its production. The leaves used for the Loewe basket bag have fallen naturally to the ground, and furthermore are biodegradable.


It’s without a doubt an investment piece that I will use every summer, at home and when away. And it looks stunning on the shelf in my office too. Fashion as art is always one of my favourite things.

Photography by Sacha Williams

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