The BLUMARINE Spring Summer 2021 show was AF’s Lauren Alexander favourite of the season. And with spring right around the corner, we asked her to talk us through why… This was also the first collection presented from the brand’s new era with Nicola Brognano as Creative Director. He replaced Founder Anna Molinari in March 2020.

What made BLUMARINE your favourite show for SS21? 

The Blumarine SS21 show reminded me of 90s fashion in the best way possible – low-rise trousers, slip dresses, teeny-tiny bags. I could see myself in so many of the looks. Brognano said he, “wanted to tell the story of a woman who loves to play with the multifaceted aspects of her personality.” This idea of being able to explore your personality and express yourself through different creative outlets is what I think makes fashion so appealing to so many people. Fashion gives you the power to create an image of yourself, and I think this particular Blumarine show emphasised that with the mix of statement pieces as well as looks that you could wear on the daily. “The freedom to be creative” is the main reason the show stood out for me.

How would you describe the collection?

The first word I would use to describe this collection is playful. The more I watched the show, the more I wanted to go home and play ‘dress-up’. For me the colour palette was something special; sweet pastels mixed amongst bold pinks and reds, linking into the idea of a woman’s ‘multifaceted’ personality. In the details of the collection were zebra stripes, Swarovski crystals, butterflies and floral prints; reminding me of the power and beauty that every woman exudes and inspiring me to express the connection I feel towards my own femininity. 

Who do you identify as the BLUMARINE woman? 

Someone eager to express herself through the clothing she chooses to wear.

Self-confidence is a quality I associate with this Blumarine, any woman wearing a piece from this brand would is ready to take on the world. Personality oozes from carefully embroidered fabrics, split-hem trousers and fringed boots. A hashtag used by the designer’s Instagram page #BlumarineWildRoses perfectly depicts what it is to be the ‘Blumarine woman’ – wild, romantic and free to be whoever she dreams of being.

Did you have a favourite piece or look?

The pink, embellished two-piece worn by Karlijn Kusters stayed with me throughout the show. Detail was at the forefront of this show, and this look was the perfect example of that. The embroidered flowers and crystal fringes created a sweet but seductive impression and the mini skirt worked with the spaghetti-strap top to emphasise this. Lotta Volkova styled the two-piece with pastel yellow boots which were detailed with the same crystal fringing, a completely perfect pairing in my eyes. The look was fun and flirtatious which I absolutely adore.

How would you describe the styling of the show?

I loved the contrast between the flamboyant, pastel runway against a minimal environment. This was effective as it drew all attention towards the models who, in my opinion, were the stars of the show. Every detail of styling leads back to the core messages of femininity, confidence and pure style.

It’s important to note that florals play an important role in this show. Blumarine is expressing the idea of ‘blooming’ – this leads me to think of personal growth and discovering the woman you truly are. Florals are seen repeatedly throughout the show; printed or embroidered on fabrics, wrapped round ankles, worn as accessories and even used as decor on the runway itself. This constant reminder of flowers and ‘blooming’ exaggerates the femininity portrayed by the models. We are invited by the brand to delve into self-discovery and connect with our feminine side.

Talk us through the headpieces?

The headpieces bring an extra element of fun and dare to the runway. Although beautiful, they are not something one would wear on a daily basis. Creations by master milliner Philip Treacy designs rarely are. I find that the showcase of the name ‘Blumarine’ carved into the headpiece further connects the brand to the models – they want the world to know that they are Blumarine women.

Where is your #accessFASHIONdaydreams Blumarine SS21 destination?

I imagine wearing a Blumarine SS21 look on summer’s night, dancing and laughing with friends in a busy European city. Feeling floral, feminine and ready to take on the world.

Interview by Sabina Emrit Harper. Layouts created by Lauren Alexander.

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