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Team AF are Currently Watching A LOT of TV & Film, you know, because it’s a lockdown, again. Editor Sabina Emrit Harper shares what she’s been viewing… We’ve decided to watch TV series’ in the week, and movies Friday to Sunday, as we were getting a little too hooked on the same thing for weeks on end and needed to mix it up a little.

The Dig – Netflix

What a beautifully shot and uplifting film with a sublime cast. Following the story of archeologist Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) and Edith Pretty (Carey Mulligan), it’s an incredible look in to a moment in history and the lives of those within it. There are some really sad moments, it’s a tearjerker for sure, but overall it’s feel good movie that stays with you. If you’re looking for something to soak in and enjoy, The Dig is definitely it.

Servant – Apple TV

I am a huge fan of M. Night Shyamalan and when I heard he was involved in the Servant – I was all in. It follows the story of a family who hire a nanny. That’s about all I can say. We binged watched it until it became one episode every Friday and I love it. Even though we’re not really sure what’s going on. A comment on religion and remorse and the human psyche? I can’t wait for this week’s episode!

Malcolm and Marie – Netlfix

Shot in black and white, this Tom Ford-esque character based film stars just two actors throughout. And they’re all that’s needed. Zendaya and John David Washington give superb performances in this film shot during quarantine. And I love that Super Stylist and Image Architect, also known as Zendaya’s stylist, Lee Roach was brought on to dress the cast of two. It’s a raw, highly emotional, often funny and perhaps honest look into the lives of two people who arrive home one night after a movie premiere.

Modern Family – Netflix

I didn’t get Modern Family the first time round but now I’m obsessed. It’s the easiest watch and something we put on after an intense film or series to wind down almost every night before bed. Gloria is a goddess on screen and off. I once saw her walking up the stairs at Soho House West Hollywood and my heart stopped as she is basically the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. But it’s the character of Dad Phil Dunphy that makes me scream with laughter. I can’t help but think when the time comes to step in to parenthood, we’re going to be one part Phil and one Part Claire (whilst trying to believe I’m actually four parts Gloria). If you haven’t seen Modern Family yet it’s a must watch.

This is Us – Amazon Prime Video

We started watching This Is Us again from the very beginning and I’m so glad we did. There is so much detail to this show that if you’re not focused you’ll definitely miss out on something that later has huge meaning. My friends and family who are up to date keep messaging, as it’s now an episode a week, and I keep saying NO SPOILERS!! But it’s an emotional rollercoaster weaved together in a way that is magical, earth shattering and beautiful all at once.

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