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Access Fashion Currently Watching The Sister
Access Fashion Currently Watching The Sister on ITV

Amidst the announcement of another lockdown we tuned in to ITV’s ‘The Sister’ starring Russell Tovey, Amrita Acharia, Bertie Carvel and Simone Ashley. I absolutely loved it! Interestingly it’s one of the only things we didn’t binge watch. Instead, we took our time. The episodes are long and storyline complicated in a good way. When we realised there were only four episodes, we zoned in – no phones, no distractions…

The Story

It’s a story of ‘The Sister’ – obviously – and how a New Year’s Eve party turns in to the most unexpected night. It’s a rather nail biting and spooky thriller with very well scripted narratives and lots of plot twists. In the lead role is Russell Tovey as Nathan, a married man whose past comes back to haunt him. And yes – it absolutely gave me nightmares!

We saw Russell Tovey at The National Theatre in Angels in America and what a phenomenal actor. Tovey’s characterisation of Nathan is wonderful to watch and he gives a stand out performance.

The Ending – no spoilers

The ending has apparently had a lot of backlash with audiences – but we absolutely loved how it ended. I wish I could write more. So if you watch it, we’d love for you to comment below on what you thought.

Side Note

On a personal note – watching an ITV show centred around two brown sisters who were simply British was something special. Amrita Acharia is of Nepalese–Ukrainian decent and is known for playing Dothraki Irri in Games of Thrones. Simone Ashley (Sex Education) plays the stunning Elise. She’s of South Asian decent and has a rich skin tone that makes me proud of my own. I loved her performance and presence in this so much. And whilst this may sound like an odd things to write in a review, as someone who went to drama school and was only ever sent to auditions that were about race first and character later, this meant a lot to see on screen.

You can watch The Sister on the ITV Hub.

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