Lockdown Reset with The Louisa Drake Method

The Louisa Drake Method have just launched their Lockdown Reset programme – a four week plan by trainer to the stars and all round fitness guru Louisa Drake. We’ve known Louisa for a long time and she’s undoubtedly the best trainer out there. Yep – that’s a huge statement to make – but for us it’s true. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.


Our Editor Sabina Harper had been unable to do high intensity workouts for most of her adult life not really knowing why. She attended a class at Shoreditch House led by Louisa who took some extra time out to talk to her and ask questions about her health. As a result Sabina was eventually sent for MRIs and tests. “After 17 years of being brushed aside by medical professionals it really was Louisa’s attentiveness that pushed me to get to the bottom of what was going on with me physically. Louisa has changed the way I exercise and my relationship with fitness. More than anything she makes working out enjoyable and I saw results within 2 weeks by just attending two classes a week. Her routines are dynamic and engaging so when I saw the Lockdown Reset package, it was a no brainer for me and for Lockdown 2.0.”

The Lockdown Reset package includes 4 weeks of unlimited access to zoom classes – they are usually £7 each so it’s worth it if only for that. But it also includes access to workshops led alongside other wellness industry experts, tailored nutritional advice and if you upgrade it includes a delivery of LDM fitness equipment.

At accessFASHION we love fashion – obviously – but looking after yourself begins with looking after the body and mind that you dress. And since there’s not much else to do with our spare time we are super excited for this.

For more information visit Louisa Drake.

*Please note this is not sponsored in any way. Sabina paid using the Early Bird discount. The LDM equipment applies to the UK only.


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