Fashion Photographer: NIMA BENATI #TalentedAF

Fashion photographers provide us with some of our biggest inspirations at accessFASHION – and so every Friday Sacha Williams will be showcasing one of her favorite image makers as part of our #TalentedAF series.

This year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list for Art and Culture featured photographer and influencer Nima Benati. Having worked with Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, YSL and Dior, the 28 year old’s latest achievement of shooting Vanity Fair Italia’s November cover was a triumph.

What should we know about Nima?

Based in Milan, the Italian born photographer has over 700k followers on Instagram. The platform provides us with a glimpse into both her professional and personal life, interlacing the two. She showcases celebrities she has photographed from Gigi Hadid to Cristina D’avena as well as exhibiting behind the scenes access to her shoots.

Why does she inspire you?

When I first discovered Nima’s Instagram I was drawn instantly to her feed, full of beautiful fashion imagery. As I scrolled through her posts, I noticed that she was not only a talented photographer, but also a model and influencer. This is what made her stand out to me, as I found her to be a hardworking woman who didn’t feel the need to restrict herself to one career path. 

Her storytelling connects with my own as her style focuses on high glamour campaigns that highlight the femininity of a woman with imaginative and dreamlike editorial locations.

She conveys a desire to explore the world through one’s own lens, consistently reinforcing the power of the woman.

Nima Benati attending the Venice Film Festival and a portrait of the photographer and influencer.

How would you describe her style of photography?

Nima’s photography often holds location as a key part of her narrative. In this storytelling she travels the world frequently, shooting on locations such as remote beaches and the highest of mountains peaks. Her work is instantly recognisable with its polished, alluring, and often seductive appeal. One of her key signature themes is her use of colour as a focus point.

Do you have a favourite photograph?

As cheesy as it sounds, picking a favourite is an impossible task, although the below images are currently encouraging me to search for unique places to shoot at (and which I can hopefully travel to in the future).

You can check out Nima’s Instagram and website which never fail to spark our creativity and hopefully yours too.

By Sacha Williams

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