Take the Plunge, Harper’s Bazaar UK March 21 Fashion Editorial

Harper’s Bazaar UK never fail to showcase beautifully narrated visual stories, with the March 21 issue and their main fashion editorial being no exception. One shoot in particular that really inspired us here at accessFASHION was, ‘Take the Plunge‘ shot by Josh Shinner and styled by Cathy Kasterine. Sacha Williams talks us through why she loves it so much.

The narrative is summed up as, “…a wild odyssey of flowing silks, cloud-like chiffon and tumbling tulle leads us to the waters of Buttermere Valley”.

The photographs are alluring and whimsical, with the gloomy weather adding texture as well as an extra layer of depth to both the physical images and the story being told. We love the fact that it’s raining yet the model is still inviting us on an adventure in to the wilderness. The combination of the stunning landscape and perfectly selected garments result in a match made in heaven.

Cleverly, this editorial allows us to experience a number of emotions, feeling a sense of thrill and mystery before turning the page, gaining happiness from the laughter on the models face as she splashes around in the lake. The mixture of playfulness and seriousness results in powerful juxtaposing images. The underlying theme of movement driven by the shapes model Amber Witcomb creates offers escapism and shows freedom. Stories which encourage adventure, beauty and exploration whilst also showcasing gorgeous new fashion always have our heart.

My favourite image, which was not an easy decision to make, is the above image on the right. The model’s pose, the stunning Loewe dress, the photographer’s viewpoint as well as the idea to position her on the rock, all in one frame makes this photo fearless and intriguing. It’s an unusual sight to see which is exactly why we love it!

I hope that in the near future we’ll have the opportunity to shoot in a location similar to this; a place that looks like it belongs in a storybook. Recently I have been dreaming of hiking through a forest with a camera around my neck, hoping to end up at the side of a lake. These beautiful images have only driven that desire further. The Lake District is a location that had been on my list of must go travel places for a while, however I will now be moving the destination instead, to my must shoot list.

Photographer: Josh Shinner
Stylist: Cathy Kasterine
Hair: Paul Donovan
Makeup: Anita Keeling
Model: Amber Witcomb

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