Kaushik Velendra SS22 Collection at LFW

Kaushik Velendra presented his SS22 catwalk show for LFW. accessFASHION were lucky enough to spend some time with Kaushik backstage. The young designer who is taking the British fashion scene by storm spoke to Sacha Williams about the inspirations behind his next collection.

“This collection, and my brand is always inspired by people and personalities that we meet every day.”

Kaushik explained, “how the core inspiration was driven from people’s necessities, confidences and securities – and how they want to wake up every day feeling like the best version of themselves… With a lot of this having to do with mental health and everything that people have been through with the pandemic.”

The designer discussed how during the last 18 months, he met so many different people with different stories and learned how they all dealt with the pandemic. Kaushik spent time with people, keeping healthy by working out and going for runs with others from all different walks of life. From actors to dancers, to accountants, he said, “this collection represents all walks of life and is for everybody – and that’s what the brand’s DNA is about.”

In regards to tailoring, Kaushik wanted to change everything and so questioned, “Why do people need shoulder pads and why might people not need shoulder pads?” He thought about what can you do if somebody is unable to come to a fitting? Or how could a garment be created that fits everyone? Therefore, “the collection is one size fits all. From easy accessible ready-to-wear outfits all the way to couture, breaking stereotypes in menswear through tailoring, from trousers to jackets.” 

As we finished our conversation, Kaushvik stated that “every piece is a hero piece. It’s to make everyone feel like a hero.” And after viewing the collection we couldn’t agree more.

We recommend visiting Kaushik Velendra’s website where you can see previous collections which are just as beautiful as this one.

Words and Photography by Sacha Williams.

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