A Day Out at Chelsea Flower Show

After waiting months for the new dates to be announced, we were finally able to visit the truly spectacular, sell-out event that is Chelsea Flower Show. 

Despite it always being a beautiful place to be, we felt particularly lucky to be experiencing the show in autumn for the first time in the show’s history. Instead of a bright Spring palette, we were greeted with autumnal hues and floral displays made up of deep pinks and purples.

Personally, the most exciting part was taking a stroll through the floral installations. The designers followed one of two themes, either ‘Pollination’ or the ‘Beauty of Nature’. One concept that stood out was Aristaeus’ Apiary created by Flowers of Elegance, it featured an old tree covered in miniature beehives and appeared as if nature had overgrown and reclaimed its space. Seeing art and nature meet through these installations was truly a highlight of the show. 

“While each exhibit is a beautiful work of art, each has a strong message encouraging us to look after our natural world, protect our plants from pests and diseases, and reduce any negative human impact upon it.” RHS

Even if gardening doesn’t happen to be your forte, every house plant lover would feel right at home at Chelsea Flower Show. The House Plant Studios showcased a number of creatively styled studio spaces, all completely unique from each other. As we have collectively experienced such a challenging period of time throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it was refreshing to see how the RHS included house plants in the event and taught how helpful they can be towards our wellbeing, stating that house plants “clean the air and lift our spirits.” Plant and gardening experts Patch took this idea one step further and created aPharmacy of House Plants which explores Biophilia (the innate human instinct to connect with nature) and plants impact on mood and good vibrations.

The show made it clear that green spaces can be available anywhere, demonstrating how even in urban areas we can make the most of nature and create our own little green oasis. The biggest takeaway from this event was how important nature is, for our own physical and mental well-being, but also in a sense of preservation – we would be nowhere without our environment.

If you would like to visit Chelsea Flower Show 2022, tickets are due to be released soon and can be purchased via the RHS website.

Words and images by Lauren Alexander.

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