Preen by Thornton Bregazzi SS22 Collection

As we entered the beautiful suite within the Bvlgari Hotel, balcony doors were open allowing us views over London and presented to us were clothing rails with the Spring Summer 22 collection from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. We were kindly welcomed by Thea, one of the two designers from the brand, who answered some of our questions.

What was your initial concept behind the collection?

“We were watching too much television during lockdown and we were thinking it’s never-ending and available 24/7 and it was too much overload. We started thinking about the olden days when there was a test card so at about 11 o’clock at night TV used to end for everyone. People would then simply go to bed so there was more of a routine.” 

Over the past year at accessFASHION we have been watching a lot more TV than before the pandemic. We love the fact that Thea and Justin drew from this as a starting point for their Spring Summer 22 collection, with the prints evidently mimicking the static we used to see on TV as well as the distortions and spots on the clothing.

Thea elaborated saying, “We were thinking of 70s and 80s silhouettes with shoulder pads, something quite strong, so even though we were creating floral dresses they still had a strong shoulder.”

We loved the way that layering was used to add strength to a floral dress by adding the bodices on top (as seen below), and Thea described the piece to be, “like putting on armour.”

Whilst looking at all of the beautiful pieces, a film was playing and so she explained to us the purpose of the story.

“We made the film, and it was really fun. We were working with this filmmaker, Joseph Wilford, and we were talking about how we wanted it to be quite futuristic but still have a retro feel. Scientists have proved now that there is parallel universe. So, what if in another world, in our parallel universe they got it right and our planet wasn’t dying and we wouldn’t have to escape.” 

Thea continues to explain that the film was, “about nature but brute less nature,” an idea that the designer explained came from walking on a beach from where she comes from and being interested by, “a huge rock form, that was nature and raw and grey but it was still amazing.”

After stating that we absolutely love the film, titled ‘Static’, and the idea of people travelling to another planet, Thea suggesting maybe Mars, she summed up the film by saying,

“It’s like the world just going a bit crazy and overload”

In regard to sustainability, what do you see the future of fashion looking like?

“ This collection is actually about 75% sustainable. We have been trying for a few years now to get mills to develop fabrics for us but they have always been very prohibitively expensive, so if we were to make a dress we would have never sold it.” 

“We use different printing techniques so there is no print wastage and any of the wastage is kind to the environment.”

Thea showed us a dress made from Vegan leather and explains that their suitings are all made from deadstock, along with the viscose used being FSC certified so that trees are re-planted, buttons being made from nuts, fabric made from mushrooms and georgette that is made from single-use fabric. The brand also mainly ships by road, with the shipping company offsetting their carbon. 

“We have always done recycling ever since we started, but for this collection we have focused especially on knitwear.” The brand purchased old jumpers that had tears and rips in them and used these for the bright coloured knits, of which we said one of our favourite pieces in the collection was the below oversized patchwork cardigan, to which Thea agreed to this being one of her most loved too.

You can check out all the beautiful pieces from the collection and the film here.

By Sacha Williams

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