The Dior Bobby Bag… Shopping with Sabina.

The latest addition to the Dior family for Autumn Winter 2020 is the Bobby – and it comes in A LOT of options.

We can all read about new IT bags and see them on many an influencer on our Instagram feeds – but what are they actually like in real life? 

I love bags. But I procrastinate about which colour to get. What leather to get. Do I want a classic or do I wanna have fun with something a little different? If I go for the fun option will I regret it? There are always so many questions I ask myself when wanting something a little more expensive. And as a stylist, I often get to play dress up with luxury items. So, I thought I’d share my “in real life” thoughts with you about some of my Lust Have fashion pieces. 

Before I get into it. I must say that the luxury experience has changed dramatically because of Covid-19. I was recently in a store and was told I couldn’t try the bag on. And whilst I fully understand the implications of trying something on and the financial disruption it causes a brand to have to quarantine an item for 48 hours, I also need to know if what I’m purchasing is something that suits me whilst wearing it. And I feel like we all have a right to be sure about what we’re spending our money on…

Ironically as the luxury experience is forced to evolve alongside government guidelines, many brands have used this time to increase their prices for luxury bags. (Interestingly enough, footwear sales have decreased dramatically. Some brands have even lowered costs). It seems we’re thinking more practically about investment pieces. And since I’ve been on the lookout for something new – I stopped off at Bond Street to check out the new Dior Bobby.

The experience: I was greeted by friendly members of staff and when I asked to look at the Bobby, I was immediately given somewhere to sit and offered a glass of champagne. I ended up opting for sparkling water because I had a lot on that day – but champagne in Dior is always a treat.

And I was allowed to take my time, try on the bags, and I was also allowed to take off my mask, which really helped me to get a better visual on how the bags would look on when worn.

The Bobby comes in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large.

The Small is really cute – but as with the small saddle – it doesn’t even fit an iPhone in it, so it’s really more of a fashion over function piece. Keys, cards and a lipstick is about all it will hold. So, if you’re someone who always has their phone in their hand – it’s an option…

The Medium is the size you’ll see the most online and it’s chic and practical. It will fit an iPhone and some extra bits.

All (but the large) come with their own detachable leather strap, so can be worn without as a clutch, on a short strap as a handbag, and longer for a more over the shoulder or cross body look. If you’re buying a Dior bag, you will most likely want an additional strap. The straps on their own start at £830.

I didn’t ask to try on the large as I knew it would be too big for me. But if you like the idea of the large – it comes with the Dior Oblique embroidered shoulder strap – and not the leather strap… Personally, I’d want both options.

The bags are really lightweight compared to some of the other pieces in the Dior collection and to how they appear online, which made me like them even more.

Picking a favourite: I found myself stuck between the Grey Stone – that was the most interesting colour – and the Classic Black. The Black options are stunning because of the contrast to the gold hardware. But, I have black bags and really wanted to see what the more pastel shades looked like.

The Dior Bobby is £2500 for the Small and the Medium is £2700 – so there’s really not that much in it price-wise, so it’s ultimately down to personal preference (and whether or not you want your phone in your bag!). The Medium is definitely better value in my opinion. But, when it comes to the colours, I left the store wanting them both.

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